Major Tattoo Styles

If you were asked about tattoos, what are the types that you can mention? There are types of tattoos that had been around for many years. They also became a trend for a long time before others also came into the spot. One style of tattoo is traditional. Its characteristics are bold lines and the designs that are iconic like rose and an anchor which is very common. It has even bright colors and this contains the history of a tattoo.

Realism is another type that had taken a long time before being applied in tattooing. Any subject could do from celebrities to nature. Watercolor style is one that is trending now. Though it seems easy to do, it is not and it is a good challenge to artists. It is also one that they like. The next type is tribal. This is the oldest part around the world. It is diverse in its coverage and it has various versions around the world on what is the subject according to the roots or culture. They are mostly done by black color.

The New School type dates back to the 80’s and 90’s but has been pushed aside by the other types. That is because its subject is the popular ones in that times. Now they have changed. The Neo-traditional is also one that has come from the traditional type. The Japanese style is one also that has a rich history and many still practice it today. There is also the Blackwork, Chicano style, and Illustrative.